Is indoor tanning safe?
NO. UV Light can increase your risk for skin cancer.
Can I do Botox & chemical peel in the same day?
YES. Please just make sure you schedule your peel first and then your Botox treatment the same day.
Can I wear makeup after a chemical peel?
YES. Makeup is fine to apply after a peel but we would prefer that if you have oily-acne skin that you wait at least 1 day.
Is there any down time with laser treatments?
NO. The effects after any laser treatment here at FOSCC will be only a slight pink coloring to the skin.
Can I use your recommended skin care products and my prescriptions together?
YES. We will help you find the best products to work with your prescriptions and give you guidance as to how to apply both.
If I am a new patient to the practice, can the doctor still do cosmetic treatments that same day?
Typically, we like new patients to have a consultation for the cosmetic treatment you would like to have, however, we may be able to perform some treatments the same day. We will discuss and answer your questions regarding the treatment and view the schedule to see if treatment can be completed the same day.
If I am a new patient scheduling for a mole check, can I get my mole removed at the same appointment time?
The doctor will make this decision based on the size and the number of moles that need to be removed.

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